Workbench With Power Tools Storage

Diy projects for wood working Side coffee table design ideas under $20

Step 6. We weld two legs of a bench which length is regulated according to wishes of owners of a site on corners.

Only own exclusive creation completely will satisfy personal esthetic inquiries.

Step 1. We define location of future bench, we carry out the corresponding calculations. Standardly length of such bench makes 120 centimeters.

Step 9. We weld these cross-pieces on the bases of legs of a bench.

How to make that the usual shop was convenient and at the same time turned into an element of a garden decor? The exit is simple – a bench for giving made the hands.

Also in the course of work the following materials will be necessary: clay, straw, water, sand, paint, brushes.

Stage 3. Hands skatyvay from solution small balls.

Deliberately rough and convenient wooden design — a table, two benches and an armchair

Step 4. We take a steel corner, we cut off two cross-pieces.

Step 3. Evenly we stack preparations on an equal surface. It is possible to use a plate.

First of all, it is necessary to be defined, what materials will be used as a design framework. It can be:

The old brick wall, bench from the become gray tree and flowers look mysteriously and romantically

At desire it is possible to modify a design, having welded on it a handrail and a back. Bright paint will give to a bench interesting appearance.

Stage 2. We add water to mix and we stir capacity contents.

Choose that option which will successfully fit into a garden site and will bring a satisfaction maximum.

Before being engaged in the sketch or the drawing of a product, it is necessary to think over a place of its installation. Production material also depends on it. For example, in an old garden with big branchy trees the wooden bench in a shod frame (as option – a product from a log on the stone basis), and in a young garden – easy, even an openwork shop in romantic style well looks.