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That at you preparations with the correct parameters turned out, it is possible to cut off at first a cliche from a cardboard, to build from it the model and if all sizes are correct, already on this cliche to apply the drawing on a cloth. Double-check that all sizes corresponded and then safely start to are sharp an electrofret saw.

Take a pencil, a ruler, paper, draw schemes and drawings for production of a bedside table with exact sizes. Let's sort step-by-step instructions of production of a curbstone from inexpensive material.

That all elements were equal and smooth it is necessary to smooth out them the grinding machine. When details are ready, drill openings in panels and bases for a framework.

From natural breeds of wood — rather expensive raw materials, its advantage are durability, environmental friendliness, furniture from the massif of a tree is esthetic and beautiful. Is steadier against humidity and it is not subject to rotting.

If all available, we start creation of furniture. Here the detailed instruction how to make a curbstone:

Connect an external wall and bars for production of a basis by means of screws. Do not hurry, track that these parts were at one level, differently at you the curve product can turn out.

It is better to begin with simpler furniture, for example, bedside tables. There is a large number of ideas of bedside tables the hands, the main thing that it approached under design of your interior, you want with legs or without, hinged, in classical style, Provence, hi-tech, etc.

For exact representation, look at some photo of curbstones on the Internet, begin with simple option of a bedside table with boxes.