Woodworking Tips For Under 75

Diy easy wood slice ornaments for beginners 04 Wood inlay for under $50

For simplification of a vvorachivaniye of a nut it is possible to set the course a tap on 12mm. The step of a tap is equal to a carving step on a nut-vvertyshe.

Smoothed out a table an emery paper, at first, 80-which, then smaller - 150-which. The table edge and whetstones I made a little rounded off.

Having sawn a table-top by the table sizes I was accepted to a zapilivaniye of the ends of a bar under 45 degrees.

The bar is necessary for giving of rigidity of a table-top. We let it on table perimeter from the lower party. Without whetstone the table-top will cave in.

We drill openings in a table-top under vvertysh. Diameter of a drill — 10 mm. Diameter of a nut-vvertysha — 12 mm.

Likely when I will do one more table, I will use rail-posts. They happen the different size. It is desirable to be used rail-posts with a diameter more than 70 mm. Them also to fix on screws.

Instead of metal legs it is also possible to use a square bar or ready rail-posts which the ready are on sale.

It is registered in Federal service on supervision in the sphere of communication,

After careful polishing started a table covering a varnish.

The table is ready and costs on legs. We start its polishing and a covering it is delicious.

type-setting wooden furniture board length width 60sm and length 3m (was not less),

On a reverse side of a table-top we mark places of fastening of legs and an opening.

I will tell about how it is possible to make a kitchen table the hands with a wooden table-top at the minimum financial expenses.