Woodworking Tips For Beginners 01

Remodeling a bathroom for absolute beginners

For this reason above I wrote – that production of one copy is extremely unprofitable if there are no remains. After all it is necessary to buy the whole sheet chipboard.

Besides tools and make-shifts which in principle any master has available, it will be necessary to buy accessories and accessories for assembly. All this is given in a tabular form of the estimate.

If to spread out details of a bedside curbstone to the whole leaf, it is possible to see that not a lot of material will leave.

In more detail about nuances of a zasverlovka and the subsequent assembly I wrote in article on production of a dresser with the hands. In fact – products are similar on a design. Therefore I will not repeat. I will provide only the additional drawing of a bedside table in three measurements.

Let's consider standard model of bedside furniture the hands. The drawing and the scheme with indications of overall dimensions will look as follows.

The model is simple in assembly and can be quite made the beginner. It will be actually necessary to assemble the case of a curbstone and a box of a box. Previously having drilled some openings under konfirmata.

Most evident to paint the detailing with the indication of the parties for a kromleniye in the plate eksel. Three types of sheet materials – LDSP, DVP and MDF for a box facade will be actually used. However, for economy it can also be made of LDSP.

After details are sawed, all visible end faces are pasted over with an edge, it is possible to pass to the following stage. To Zasverlivat preparations under assembly on konfirmata.