Woodworking How To Make Timber Mouldings

Choosing pilot hole size for the beginning diyer Make a wooden box with ease

Thoroughly there is no sense to go deep into this subject if, of course, you not the builder or do not plan to build the cottage settlement to some tens houses. But having read this article with the generalizing instruction how to build the bar-shaped house, a lot of things will become clear. Having learned requirements imposed to quality and classification of material, manufacturing techniques and nuances of installation of what moments to pay special attention as step by step there is a building and where it is possible to save, the sequence of works will interest. It will want to participate, check process in general and each stage separately, personally to build the house of a bar cheap and qualitatively, to create own architectural work.

It is possible to pokleit wall-paper in the bar-shaped house or to decorate walls fabric. Soft wood perfectly looks with a wattled rod and a rattan, with a natural stone and glass on contrast. Will pertinently use modern wooden wall-paper or details of furniture from this material, the tree is pertinent in creation of an interior in classical style or an art deco, a modernist style or hi-tech. Always there has to be something the general in a decor inside and in facing.

The rafter system of the wooden house is a bearing design of a roof which at first pays off, considering a roof form, a bias, the sizes, then the marking and then assembly becomes. Basic elements of a design: