Woodworking How To Make A Kneeling Chair

A rustic mirror from 2x4 lumber Wood ceiling design for a screw

The template consists of two details. Edges on which the dotted line is drawn need to be bent and stuck together among themselves.

Without reaching edge 4 centimeters, cut breakages on lines.

Knitted baskets always create very house and cozy mood. They can be used not only as a gift, but also as a decor.

I suggest to watch video where the description of all process of knitting step by step is given.

Fabric undertakes, is cut on all length on strips, equal on width. Edges of strips communicates but that it looked accurater – it is sewed. Also process of knitting according to the chosen scheme begins. Only the column without nakid is most often used.

Well and the simple square podstavochka for those who does not want to create animals, and prefers something more classical and elegant.

As well for each small egg it is possible to connect a support.

Then on the top pads do cuts, in them it is necessary to implant a section into a section the next pad.

Of course, with children we will make a paper box where we will put a small egg and candies for all the druzhochok. Only I will not unpack a color template, and I will make its idle time white that children showed the imagination and with paints painted leverets.

We will arrange Liszt horizontally and we will draw parallel strips 1 centimeter wide.

In the lower drawing I give the step-by-step description of process of work.

And the product when at it there are two colors of a yarn still very beautifully looks.

And now the ready knitted yarn is on sale! To it it is necessary to choose a big hook. That it could take a thread.

Also I like idea of knitting by a hook from knitted fabric. Such fabric yarn becomes easily, many got acquainted with it in the childhood when saw how the grandmother knits rugs in a corridor.

Now we paste a tip of each strip to its basis, forming an eyelet.