Woodwork For Woodworking

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The order of performance of procedure of a sostarivaniye of wood is identical to the manual and mechanized way. It is important to choose the correct speed of rotation of the machine or to adapt to uniform motion of a brush. As it is undesirable to brashirovat a tree with a high speed of a cursor, it is possible to bake wood and to receive marriage, to correct which it is already impossible. Before work the board is recommended to be passed through a surface gage or to work a shlifmashinka. Stages of a sostarivaniye of boards:

The covering a varnish of brashirovanny wood is carried out in the last turn when its appearance completely corresponds to the expected result. But before it preparation needs to be dried up carefully.

Brashirovanny wood looks pertinently in an interior of any style and the architectural direction. With its participation stylish subjects of a decor are created. Trim with plates sites of walls and ceilings with the made old surface, they perfectly fit into facing of chimney portals, ceiling beams, decorative and real columns.

It should be noted that the special equipment (machines or machines) is sense to get for performance of large volume of works. If it is about isolated cases, there is no reason to spend funds for acquisition of the expensive tool for a wood brashirovaniye, and to perform work manually.