Woodwork For A Porch Swing

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One more important detail of a manual milling cutter — a platform which connects to the case by means of two bars. The platform is usually made of metal. On the lower party of a platform there is a sliding plate. It is made of smooth material which provides smoothness of the course of the tool at its movement on a detail.

Tools for work with a tree. Work with a tree the hands – small cunnings the Beginning of work and care of the tool

To deal with the principles of work with a manual milling cutter, it is desirable to have at least general idea of its structure and of purpose of parts.

Similar operations are used in joiner's business, by production and assembly of furniture. Even to cut the lock or loops on a door — it the manual milling cutter too can. And will make it much quicker and more elegantly, than similar operations, but executed by means of the manual tool.

If model simple, two keys are necessary. The mechanism of blocking of a shaft is not provided in them, the second key it will be necessary to hold it. In devices of middle class there is a blocking button. Having clamped it, Rozhkov a key tighten a mill. In expensive models except blocking, there is a graggers on which it is possible to be guided.

Processing of timber, insert of loops, production of technological openings and dredging, woodcarving — all this can such device as a milling cutter. And it can be done not only the professional equipment, but also rather inexpensive manual copies. But work as a manual milling cutter on a tree demands knowledge of some receptions and rules. About all this is in article.