Wood Inlay For Only 6 Dollars

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The folding transforming bed consists of three basic elements: bed, box and lifting mechanism. Dimensions of a bed are defined proceeding from age. However it is necessary to provide a large supply taking into account the child's growing. As material for production of a bed the hands it is possible to use natural wood, MDF or a chipboard. The last option is the cheapest, providing designs small weight.

The lifting mechanism can be executed independently from tsapf with bearings or from garage veils. More reliable option is acquisition of a factory set. The mechanism needs to be fixed to a box and a berth. The bed facade in vertical situation can be decorated under a case with imitation of doors with handles or to create a monolithic smooth surface.

Good advice! For additional economy of a place the table-top from LDSP can be sliding or folding.

Good advice! It is in addition recommended to install system of counterbalances or gas shock-absorbers.