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For production it is better to use absolutely seasoned wood, than to cover a floor in the apartment with fresh boards. In the latter case, after drying the covering can be deformed. Before installation of a timber floor it is necessary to bring boards to the apartment that they lay down some days there. It will allow material to adapt for temperature and humidity of the room.

Boards of these floors usually consist of 3 – 5 layers. They stick together at high temperature and pressure. Fibers of the adjoining boards are mutually perpendicular. It strengthens durability of boards at temperature drops and humidity. These characteristics give the chance to stack boards from glued wood on concrete and in a zone of the increased humidity.

Too possesses structure from several layers. Extreme layers of a parquet are made from whole wood. And average consists of the small plates which are found room across extreme layers. From above for a parquet apply a protective layer on boards. Thanks to it laying of a parquet covering takes place rather easily and quickly.

The strongest breeds for production of massive boards — a North American maple, black fox, gikon, a white oak. A little more softly black nut, red oak, beech, white ash-tree. Further there is a mahogany and cherry. These tree species are suitable for magnificent durable floors. The softest the pine is considered. The floor in the apartment from a pine quickly enough spoils.

Materials for a floor in the apartment are presented in rather wide assortment. Various cost and manufacturing techniques give the chance to choose optimum option. There are such most widespread kinds of materials: