Where To Make A Solid Cherry Bookcase

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In general, to make such piece of furniture, you will need to buy the following materials:

Comfortable rest on a personal plot of a country cottage is inconceivable without existence of shops. Taking into account that operation of such specific furniture is carried out in the open air, benches have to meet strict requirements. Material of their production, and also a design have to be steady against moisture influence, strong and reliable. Metal best of all is suitable for such conditions, and benches from a profile pipe will serve more long than others.

Carrying out the above actions, it is necessary to remember that:

Council! It is necessary to carry out a metal rezka taking into account thickness of an abrasive circle (that is to give an allowance about 5 millimeters). Exact adjustment is carried out by means of the Bulgarian equipped with a tool-grinding circle.

Long and short parts of rectangular support are made of these details respectively.

It is useful to know! Instead of boards it is possible to use rectangular profile pipes. In that case they are welded simply on a framework then all created design becomes covered with paint.

Shop details. To make such bench of a profile pipe by the hands production of pipe hire of section 30×30 millimeters will be required. There will be 11 meters enough. From these pipes are cut:

After at your disposal there were all these materials, production can start the hands of details by the sizes specified in the drawing. Those from them which will be already ready to application, it is necessary to number. So you facilitate to yourself process of installation of landscape gardening furniture, being guided by the specification to the drawing. One of indispensable conditions of convenience of a bench is receiving identical details.