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How to woodworking machines

Craquelure. The equipment means an artificial sostarivaniye of a product. On the ground surface (it is possible) to be put after preliminary painting the special covering craquelure which within several minutes drying up starts cracking. This method it is possible to apply a decoupage together with equipment.

with a dome hat apply nuts with forelocks to screws.

Photo of sheet material, description of its qualitative parameters and dimensions, and also cost.

In the center of the image the small drop of PVA then by a brush it is evenly distributed according to all image is accurately dripped. When all pictures are pasted, the product becomes covered by a varnish.

Decoupage. In this equipment to be necessary for you for creation of finishing the multilayered napkin or special paper, PVA glue, a brush and a varnish.

On previously prepared surface (the polished or painted by paints and varnishes plate) at the pictures which are cut out from a napkin or paper (when using a napkin it is important to remove the lower white layers) are displayed.