What Can You Do With Your Jigsaw

5 tools to choose and use a jig saw Packing boxes for less than $100

As in a locker only paper towels with toilet paper will lie, to do it the big sizes are not present need. Let's put paper rolls together, we will measure their size and we will cut from it is close locker bokovinka, and also lower and top speak rapidly.

We will fix short self-tapping screws of a door on bokovinka of a hinged locker further, having leveled them on framework corners. Let's check for opening closing. On loops there are regulating screws, by means of them it is possible to correct the provision of a door. If everything suits us, we will attach self-tapping screws to doors wooden handles, having drilled in them openings a thin drill.

As at production of a wooden door, two boards of the necessary size it is combinable among themselves by means of furniture shkant and joiner's glue. In an edge of a board we will drill with a diameter of 3 openings, equal to thickness of shkant, we will smear them with glue and we will hammer into a board. On other tesena too we will drill openings, having marked them so that they coincided with shkant, and is combinable two tesina together. At us the lower part of a hinged locker turned out.

It is possible application, and it is possible and to draw something. Perhaps, in the future and I will make.

On a back wall we will fix on one metal subweight from each party.

Now we will make cut at doors on some mm that the crown cut through a tree, after we will remove a drill and we will complete cut up to the end, approximately on depth of 1 cm. Watch to cutting through a door through.

Now self-tapping screws we fix a case framework. That boards did not burst, in places of fastening we will drill a drill with a thin drill some openings and we will twirl in them self-tapping screws. Our framework is ready.

There is one nuance. It is necessary to fix a drill in the center of a crown, differently at us the opening in the right place will not turn out. But thickness of our board of only 2 cm, and a standard drill which is on sale together with a crown, much more long. If we use it, we will drill a door through. Therefore the drill needs to be cut off the Bulgarian so that it slightly supported a crown edge.