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6 projects from scraps of wood 30 ideas for beginners—how to woodworking

The bed as well as other furniture consists of parts and elements from which gathers in a whole. Identical elements of a bed can be sawn in a vice or a clamp in order that they for 100% were identical. Before collecting a bed it is necessary to be convinced that wooden elements have no agnails, also the smooth are smoothed rather well out. For this purpose it is possible to use the special grinding machine on a tree.

In this example at creation of a children's bunk bed we will use simple and inexpensive materials – a board and a bar from a pine.

The bunk bed for children and teenagers the hands becomes according to schemes and drawings easily and easy. Though not at all the accurate and symmetric design will turn out. In this article it will be a question of production of a children's bunk bed from a tree and polymers since it is cheap and light material in work. In addition from it they will turn out cozy and beautiful.

There is big a number of design decisions for two-story children's beds. For example, the top circle can is not only strictly over lower, but also with shift, can is over a locker. The ladder consisting of sliding lockers or boxes which are leaning back covers. Under lower a circle lockers can settle down. The bed can be added also with a little table with regiments, etc.

On the scheme of the children's bunk bed given below all elements of a bed with sizes, necessary number of preparations and their appointment are specified.

And here additional some beautiful design decisions which can be applied at creation of a two-story children's bed the hands and use of trunks of trees, the croaker, snags.

These are two almost identical details. A difference at them only in a protection handrail in a bedfoot, it is shown one photo below.