Using Jigs To Make A Lounge Chair

Hot to make timber mouldings

Before buying a case which will stand on a balcony, it is worth being defined of what material it will be made

In the top part of a case there can be a mezzanine applied to things which are seldom used in everyday life. The design is often equipped with open shelves on which it is possible to place flowerpots with window plants and various elements of a decor that will introduce special mood and a cosiness to the room.

If the balcony or a loggia has the southern orientation, it is not necessary to choose a design with a color facade. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays it will quickly lose a primitive shade. Optimum option in this case is white color.

It is possible to pick up case model, proceeding from personal preferences concerning functionality of furniture

Good advice! The compartment for storage of vegetables and fruit can be organized and in a high case, having taken away for it the lower part of a design.

Good advice! For a case on a balcony with rolling shutters it is possible to create unique design, having used an aerographics.

It is important! If the case is made of natural wood, it has to be covered with wood stain and a protective layer of a varnish that will prolong the term of its service.

For further comfortable operation of a product the system of opening of a case for a balcony has special value. There are following options:

The case has to transfer with firmness the increased humidity, differences of temperatures, to maintain rather low or high temperature condition. These factors should not worsen esthetic and operational characteristics of a product.

On a balcony it is possible to store various subjects, products and plants in a case

In the spread-out look such door closes case perimeter, and when opening gathers in an accordion near one of lateral walls. This door system also does not need free space near a case. However the door accordion has one essential shortcoming. It is not capable to provide sealing of a design as densely does not adjoin to a case framework.