Understanding Workbenches For Moving

Hot to make a side table Diy a sleek slatted bench with pallets

To achieve such result, it is not obligatory to wait for many years, maintaining a tree under the sun and a wind. It is possible to make old wood a brashirovaniye.

After obtaining the demanded invoice wood is processed wood stains, voska, lessirovochny coverings, varnishes. The soft sites tinting structures (wood stains) paint over more strongly, than firm. Azures (glaze) in addition emphasize a relief, accumulating in deepenings.

Over time wood collapses. Especially, if the board or a product from a tree are in the open air — under the influence of the sun, a rain, a frost and a wind. Light soft sites collapse quicker therefore eventually the surface of wood becomes rough, ridge.

Except a mechanical way (brushes), wood is textured by means of chemistry or processing the peskostruy. Same principle: softer parts are removed.

Before starting process of a sostarivaniye, be trained on a sample.

In a chemical way acids and the alkalis capable to corrode organic chemistry, for example, sulfuric or nitric acid are used. It is possible to experiment with the aggressive household chemicals intended for removal of strong pollution. Chemical processing is applied as independent option or as the initial stage before mechanical cleaning with brushes.

This material is durable: a natural tree furniture at due leaving serves many years — tens, and even hundreds. And wood does not lose the beauty over time — on the contrary as cognac, can become is even more interesting.

The wood which went through fire and water does not need additional toning — the surface of a board accepts a noble dark shade. But at desire the scorched tree can be covered with color wood stains in addition. Especially effectively the combination red and coal-black looks.

Use of the products made on technology of a brashirovaniye in design registration of interiors will allow to create without effort a stylish and unique situation in any room.