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Steady humidity of wood — an indicator, a formula.

Drying chamber. Volume is 30 cubes. Board of 4 and 6 meters.

Steaming of wood is carried out in a special chamber (pool) in which hot steam is forced. This process temporarily reduces the hardness of wood, increasing plasticity. In such state the steamed material gives in to machining which can be a frame pileniye, planing, a bending and hulling easier. Subject to processing boards, a bar, logs.

Drying chamber. Volume of 8,5 cubes. Board of 6 meters.

Press vacuum chamber. Volume is 4 cubes. Board 3 meters.

Press vacuum chamber. Volume is 3 cubes. Board of 6 meters.

Generally, hydroheat treatment to destination and specifics shares on 3 groups:

Press vacuum chamber. Volume is 1 cube. Board 4 meters.

Absolute humidity of wood — a formula. Types of moisture.

Drying chamber. Of 36 cubes. Board of the 6th meter.

Press vacuum chamber. Volume is 3,2 cubes. Board 4 meters.

It is rather strong and durable, has attractive appearance, and many breeds are useful at all and are recommended for use in construction of baths and saunas. But that it really was that, it needs to be prepared qualitatively, one of types of such processing as is wood steaming.

The review of drying chambers for wood, what producer to choose?