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5 places to make timber mouldings

Whetstones as such material costs not much will be ideally suited for a bunk bed.

Selecting whetstones, it is necessary to look at their quality at once. It is necessary to buy only what have not enough knots, a smooth surface and straightforwardness good approximately. Best of all the pine or a fir-tree will approach. Such material is inexpensive, strong and is easily processed.

And it is necessary to begin, as well as at any serious business, from premeditation of a design and drawing up the project.

Now it is possible to make calculation of whetstones with a section of 3040 mm. The ladder will settle down in the left part of a facade of a design. Thus the right ends of steps will rest the end faces against a separate vertical rack and on it will be fixed. And the left ends will with an overlap be recorded on a front main vertical of a bed with a section of 4060 mm. Steps will remain with a rectangular profile. Their total of 6 pieces (since distance between them it is accepted 250 mm, we divide height of the second circle into this size and we receive N=1,5/0,25=6).

The product is almost ready, but there is no additional registration

The ladder can be made and from other end face if it is more convenient, and it is easy to reduce quantity of steps

Most often the product is made of wooden whetstones and plywood. It is the idle time and cheap option. Remember that width of a bed has to provide sufficient spaciousness and correspond to the standard size of a mattress. Optimum size — 80 cm.

But all these minuses to a vevsa are not terrible if to collect a product most and to observe all recommendations of experts.

The main surfaces of a plate of a chipboard should try to drill each opening under the furniture euroscrew accurately in parallel, differently then the screw will be twisted wrong way and deforms a detail.

Besides, you will be need boards from whetstone section less — 3040 mm. Steps can be made of the same timber.