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Detailed story about preparation of boards for joiner's works. Work on the Fugovalny and reysmusovy machine

Told everything correctly, only adjust the jointer plane, a step at the end, knives too highly, rather reception table

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Yury, good morning! It is ready to discuss acquisition of the jointer plane how to contact you?

You speak to plane from the vpukly party, well leveled and how the convex party, it such also remains?

Yury, did not want to climb with councils, but I plane a board from the curved party, after two three sjyom, a board levels, internal stress are removed. Preparation turns out thicker.

As you think that it is better to take: corvette 106 or Jett jj-6l? And than differ a corvette 104 and 106. At the 106th width of knives and power is higher but it is cheaper for some reason

when using a kogzlik from the giving party it turns out that at first the board on the one hand finds on knives, with another leans on a goat, on the center we with a table of the jointer plane have no deflection and contacts. Then the board moves forward, comes off a goat and falls on the giving table. Really after such there is an equal board? I have no experience, only start taking the first steps in a stolyarka, but the logic prompts that in it the mestemomment of a soskakivaniye of a board will be vygryzany wood. Isn't it?

Everything is competent and clear the good fellow. Like ߑ͠! Write that blunt knives but after all every day you will not sharpen them when works much that they have to such be.