Tools For Absolute Beginners

10 amazing projects made from scrap

If the knife or any other manual tool on a tree is not tempered, he is quickly in a stupor and difficultly to work with it, and for processing of material it is required to time much. Usually their training is carried out with use of a forge horn. But also without it it is possible

Masters know, it is how important to have tools near at hand, but not constantly to look for them on a workplace. The optimum assistant to optimization – a special box for tools. But not everyone is able to afford to get the factory – there is such product

The power supply of a welding arch, the coil and the feeder of a wire, the gas equipment with a gas cylinder, wires, a torch, hoses etc. is a part of semi-automatic welding (MIG/MAG). If welding works are coming beyond limits

The profile pipes which are not conceding on durability round, possess a number of essential advantages at creation of a metalwork and construction of power frameworks to various products or constructions. However a smooth bend of such hire without the special

The equal accurate bend of metal preparations requires a bending press. This expensive equipment, which purchase it is expedient only for professional activity. For the solution of amateur tasks the press can be made the

Today I want to tell and show one remarkable homemade product, from plastic pipes and sewer caps. Decided to bring an order at himself on a balcony and to make a small workplace. It was necessary to order numerous screws and screws somehow.

Machine or a drilling vice is irreplaceable for work with fine details in any workshop or garage. In this master class I will tell how I made a vice for the boring machine the hands. Considering that it is often necessary to clamp details

During the work with a tree existence of a basic tool kit is insufficient for performance of a full range of possible tasks. Many things can be made only having applied sharpness, cunnings and self-made adaptations. Let's consider 6 useful