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Standard models are often equipped with drawers which can be made of a tree or metal. Also the design of a table can be added with regiments, a power board for the suspended tool which will always be near at hand. But the most important, a workbench has to be steady, strong and reliable.

The steel strip 40 mm wide, thickness is 4 mm, length is 8 m.

If the person likes to spend time in garage, being engaged in repair work, it is necessary to equip the workplace correctly. The workbench — is a multipurpose desktop on which it is possible to process various materials, to carry out metalwork, electromechanical and installation works. Also in a design of a workbench it is possible to think over regiments and shuflyadka to store tools and other subjects.

Welding machine and electrodes. Overalls and defensors for welding works.

Also when processing metal details the effort, use of the sharp tool often is required therefore most optimum to equip a workbench with a metal table-top.

The Bulgarian with a circle for are sharp metal and a grinding disk.

Workbenches are made for metal processing (metalwork) and a tree (joiner's). Designs differ with material of table-tops. Metalwork models without fail have to have a metal as work with metal means use of lubricating oil and other liquids which on a wooden surface can leave traces table-top.

The corner of 40 mm by 40 mm, thickness is 4 mm, length is 6,75 m.

If the desktop design in garage is made by the hands, first of all it is required to think over carefully each detail, to estimate where tools will be placed, what works will be carried out on a workbench. The table model in garage also depends on it.

Joiner's workbenches are intended for work with a tree, therefore they not so strong and functional, as metalwork models.

The pipe of square 60 mm by 40 mm, thickness is 2 mm, length is 24 m.

Garage — this multipurpose room. In it it is possible to put and repair a car, to design and make the hands various things and mechanisms.