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Making bedinge chair no1 with a sliding lid 18 ideas for less than $100

For fixing of the making details of a design it is necessary to use special strong and reliable fixture.

The bench for a bath has a set of distinctive features. As the product is used indoors with the increased humidity, the special attention by its production or a choice should be given to material of which it is made, to its properties and characteristics. For the compact room, for example, of a small rural steam room, the model can be angular.

The birch belongs to the heaviest breeds of trees with a high density. Existence of certain properties at birch wood allocates it with special characteristics and durability. At regular differences of temperatures material is not deformed and does not get out of a shape.

Maple. The maple differs in high durability and for a long time is capable to sustain moisture influence. The product surface from a maple board will not crack and does not darken. Distinctive feature of this type of wood is small heat conductivity.

On surfaces of a bench there should not be metal details. For ensuring reliability of connection of separate details of a bench in the course of assembly special self-tapping screws are used. Similar designs are not recommended to be processed paint and varnish structures. For processing and impregnation of furniture it is necessary to use special means which part exclusively environmentally friendly and safe substances are. When heating similar funds are not allocated unhealthy the person of evaporation.

Larch. Strong and durable type of wood. The products executed from a larch have long service life. Possess the increased resistance to humidity. Minus – the high cost of material.

Abasha. Cost of such type of wood the quite high. It should be noted that the designs made of such wood differ in durability, durability, resistance to influence of moisture and heating.

Oak – durable, high-strength and reliable material. An oak furniture differs in natural beauty of a natural tree and will become ornament even such room as a bath. It should be noted that oak products have quite high cost.

Distinctive features of the wood material used for production of furniture for baths are the high durability, durability, small heat conductivity. Material should not absorb a large amount of moisture and be deformed when heating.