Timberframed Swingset From Scratch Time

Tool box cookies for first Making a wooden safe with wood

It appears, simply to make such place, and can form a basis for it not only the polished logs or boards, but also improvised materials.

It is possible and simplify process, using only two chairs at which forward legs are taken away, and the rests are reliably fastened with each other.

But not everyone will begin to place with itself(himself) in a garden a standard and banal shop, being afraid to break harmony and an esthetics of the flower atmosphere.

To add a design with a back, to sitting from two opposite sides holders to whom beat easy smooth boards are fixed. After installation the product is painted and becomes covered by a varnish.

From two parties of each element triangular deepenings into which holders are inserted later are cut out. For installation of a shop on legs in the lower part holes for support in the form of logs are made.

As a rule, most of gardeners masters do not forget to include the imagination, in passing paying attention to amount of available materials and uninvolved things in economy and objects.

Not less interest and a gabion – the rectangular grid filled with a stone, crushed stone or pebble. Over such support in a consequence wooden sitting is imposed.

Sitting of a bench is made of a tree, is more exact from a piece of boards of the demanded length and width. If there is a wide surface, use it, having put over support.

For example, the following option provides a product from a thick meter log. It is sawn lengthways on two unequal parts: sitting and back.

To make a full-fledged place of stacks, they are stacked through 0,5 cm and connected cross levels at the edges and in the middle.