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Basic tools for the woodworking beginner

One gardeners use soap ordinary hozyaystvenno which grate and carefully dissolve in solution. Others – more careful companions – use special green soap which acts as an insecticide and fungicide. And the third replace both with usual flour paste.

Powder of a copper vitriol is dissolved at first in a small amount of hot water, and then poured out in the general capacity

Structure 5. In 10 l of water part 2 kg of chalk, 400 g of a copper vitriol and 100 g of casein glue. Structure 6. On 10 l of water take 2 kg of lime, 500 g of an iron vitriol, 1-2 shovels of manure, 1 tablespoon of carbolic acid and whetstones of a laundry soap. Structure 7. On 9 l of water it is necessary to take 1 l of milk or whey, 2-2,5 kg of chalk, 1 kg of clay and 100 ml of green soap.