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Packing boxes for wood screws Where to build a wooden box with a lid

Such design organically fits into a natural landscape.

The design for a shop in a garden can be a miscellaneous. Except classical options, we suggest to pay attention to the following designs:

Advantage of a design – in durability and small weight.

After selection of material and tools working process begins.

The idea of a design is simple: the place for a seat at the same time serves as a box cover. The shop on standard algorithm is built, but the space under it is filled with compact capacity. As a result the furniture can be used not only for rest, but also in the economic purposes.

Using the imagination and physical force, it will be possible to build a beautiful and convenient shop. A striking example – furniture from a pallet. The whole pallet undertakes, is sawn on two parts, and one of them has to be slightly more. The prepared additional boards act as a framework. The back and a seat is beaten by nails. To increase design durability, elements plates connect on each side.

The seat in a bench from a log is the trunk of big or average diameter sawn lengthways. The similar situation with a back – in its quality acts a trunk, smaller on diameter, or a cut is closer to edge. Legs do of rather narrow pieces of a log.