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Jigsaw fence to mount a workbench vise

On wood of deciduous breeds they keep strongly. Sometimes this quality, on the contrary, is very much highly appreciated as gives additional decorative qualities. The cracked boards cannot be used at production of furniture, it is better to postpone them for other purposes. The begun to rot sites need to be removed as they become fragile and fragile.

The bedside table consists of two parts: the closed part for storage of bed linen and one open part. Here options are possible: division according to a vertical or across. In the first case one part of a bedside table represents a box with a folding cover, another — a peculiar little table with two shelves. In the second option the drawer is provided in the lower compartment and an open shelf — in top.

The bedside table serves as a support for a desk lamp and other necessary household trifles in a headboard. Two boards sidewalls 25 — 30 cm wide will be necessary for you for it and at least 1,5 cm thick. Sidewalls connect to several regiments (2 — the 3rd will be enough) on shkant or by means of screws and corners.