The Best Brackets To Make An Outdoor Sofa

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10. The bar case If in the room is planned bar, interior design is obliged to consider its presence. Can inspire on creation of a bar case even boards and iron from old court. Excessively brutal look can be diluted with an amusing bar stool or the vintage board, as in this Vancouver house.

4. The bar case the Bar case can become a pedestal on which sign things will tower over all interior.

6. The open rack can be remade the Usual curbstone under bar: simply place couple of wine shelves inside, and over a curbstone hang up a slate board, as in bars.

7. The cart for drinks the Cart can also become excellent alternative of full-fledged bar. For example, there are models which are used at restaurants and hotels, with a set of sections and boxes. Such minibar for the house as on a photo, it is possible to make the hands.

5. The open rack the Rack for drinks can be part of ensemble — a bar counter and chairs, as in this Munich apartment.

8. The bar case ship Well, and will suit the real old salt a case ship on which deck it is possible to place ware, and in the lower compartment — alcohol reserves. To pass such bar it will be difficult.

3. A bar case the Designers of Robin Gannon Interiors decorating this American house gave preference not so much effective, how many to a functional bar case — in it there is a place for ware and devices, and also wine regiments.

9. A bar case with capacious doors of the Door of a case can act as additional regiments for storage. And the slate board with the operating discounts for cocktails will be responsible for creation of the due atmosphere.

1. Bar with the message inside Internal finishing of a bar case sheet gold symbolizes contents value. And everything who will risk to encroach on these treasures, leave the terrible message.