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Bending plywood to make a twin screw vise Remodeling a bathroom for moving

Also Saltykova's bathroom is not less smart. Primary color of this room — black. Black marble panels on walls are combined with white marble on a floor here.

Saltykova's drawing room is combined with the dining room. All this space in white tones with elements of style of art deco is issued.

If mirror furniture not for you, choose subjects with inserts from the reflecting material. For example, put in a bedroom the openwork console with mirror art elements. So you gain easy reflective effect.

Striped finishing of walls will help to broaden narrow rooms also. Only in this case choose horizontal lines. Against such wall-paper even the furniture will look less massivno. Do not trust? Pobrobuyte!

And you saw a falsh-fireplace on a photo? In it there is no fire, logs and candles. In a niche of a fireplace book shelves settle down. Here still idea as it is possible to use this subject of an interior!

One of the main attributes of this style — use of brilliant silver or gold elements. So, in Irina's dining room silver can be seen on legs of a dining table and in an upholstery of chairs. Also gloss is maintained by lamps and mirrors.

For the bedroom of Bulanov chose classical wall-paper in a strip. They carry out not only decorative function here. Wall-paper with vertical lines broadens the room and visually lifts a ceiling. It is good to use this reception for bedrooms which are on North side of the house — the increased space will look also is lighter.