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Understanding workbenches for beginners 04

It means that not too graceful heads of self-tapping screws or bolts which you usually see on external surfaces of such beds, in this model are hidden.

Besides, the list of the materials necessary for construction of such bed is limited 5×10 to cm and 5×15 in cm boards, so, the vast majority of people will not experience difficulty at a stage of preparation for the project.

Beds for children happen two types: for newborns and preschool children. There is also a category of furniture for teenagers, but most often it is the standard beds executed in youth style. At a choice of a bed it is better to give preference to natural materials (the beechen, pine and alder bases).

Successful to you works – let your kids grow strong and healthy.

The main safety requirements for two-story designs – the high sides protecting a berth and reliable hand-rail for a ladder. Upon purchase of such furniture it is better to check at once durability of all fastenings, and also to pay attention to a furniture design - in it there should not be acute angles and the raw surfaces.

I decided not to invent anything new, and to reproduce that design which I already did if does not change me memory, four or five times (and all of them turned out perfectly). That I really like in this bunk bed, so it that all fixture is located from the inside.

So, now be attentive: I start the description of the process of construction.

Frames of berths have to be made first of all because their width determines length of steps of a ladder. Usual pine boards section 5×15 will be suitable for production of frames see.

I hope that the photos of a bunk bed accompanying my story will help you to understand all details of this project and will make my explanations the most clear.

I want that my creation had a little made old appearance therefore you should not try too when grinding. It is not necessary for me that wooden surfaces were super smooth, but here it is worth removing factory tags from wood nevertheless.