Start Woodworking With Lid

Bed side table with minimal tools

Step models found application in rooms of the small size. The top shelf at these designs wide and long, and lower – narrow. The lower shelf is often used as a step for rise on the top circle.

Wood choice for a bath – very important and responsible point. Not all breeds of trees are suitable for production of pieces of furniture for bathing rooms. There is a lot of requirements to material: the increased density, small heat conductivity, durability, a small amount of knots and so on. The most optimum options for production of benches are the oak, a birch, a linden, a poplar. These breeds of trees differ in the high durability, resistance to influences of moisture and heating.

However in other bathing offices – with lower temperatures – use of pieces of furniture from a pine and a larch is ideal option. The pine and a larch possess one special property: under the influence of moisture these materials become stronger and more solid.