Small Woodworking Projects For Woodworking

A rustic mirror from scrap hardwood

And unless he wanted, and the head here began to shake, and drowsiness suddenly attacked, and he fell where got, and did not sleep, and in a muddy sleepiness is indifferent watched any flying fly and did not think of anything.

The scorching heat also fried, as in the first day. Being unsteady, there was Jonah under the scorching sun. And passersby far bypassed it.

— Last time! — Chernogubov told — any more I will not give, and do not ask.

With two dvugrivenny kainovy Jonah was gone in a tavern. And there everything lowered: and coat wide sledovatelsky, and jacket the long lanky, Agapovsky, and vest to Milovzorov. In one trousers candidate towards evening, shivering and tychas, he came back home.

The senior children began to support the old man — after all he could not get independently to himself livelihood any more.

And only the next day Jonah was released, like izblevan.

Then Kudimych the porter suddenly remembered Jonah, got up because of a table and, eating up, rushed to a shed, to a basket — and released.

Not pivsha, tryasuchiya, Jonah to the merchant Chernogubov trudged.