Simple DIY Lounge Sofa Made With Pallets And Wood

A total beginner's guide to make an outdoor sofa

Having collected necessary materials and tools for production of a children's bed in house conditions, it is possible to get to work.

The loving parents worry about health and the correct development of the kid till his birth. And with its birth the world meets the baby by a huge number of the necessary and useful subjects. Among them the leading place takes a berth. The best that parents can present to the child from the first days of life, is the children's bed the hands representing a qualitative and strong design. In this case parents can pick up a form, choose safe, environmentally friendly material, make beds with boxes a quality assurance and reliability.

Simply to collect children's beds the hands, especially if the master has necessary knowledge and desire. It is important that everything became not blindly, and on the basis of photos, sketches, drawings with sizes. As the most widespread types of beds for children are considered:

Level of complexity of work on production of a crib as the hands is determined not only the sizes, drawings, complexity of a design, feature of design, but also existence of the necessary tool. It is necessary to get the following set:

For assembly of ready details use special joiner's connections without application of nails and self-tapping screws. A main goal of use of this method is its quality and decorative features. Surfaces turn out equal and beautiful, and connections imperceptible. Make fastening elements as follows:

Before production of a bed it is necessary to decide on a material choice. For production of furniture use the following types:

The best material for children's furniture is considered the massif of a tree which does not allocate the harmful substances causing allergic reactions. It is impossible to use crude wood for these purposes as it is deformed and bursts. The children's bed from the massif the hands perfectly looks, is reliable and durable in operation. Made correctly, it will provide to the kid a comfortable dream.