Side Coffee Table Design Ideas Under 40

10 how to build an epic work desk for under $75

It can be added with armrests, to cover with noble dark wood stain, or paint of bright juicy color.

And here still simple model of a country bench. Simplicity at it not only in construct – but also in material. It is possible to make of one long cut board here such garden bench quickly and simply the hands.

BOARDS for a bench can be BROUGHT DOWN (that is not integral, and to consist their boards closed with each other by a level-permychkoy). The simple country bench with a photo below just shows this way.

Here the same principle – an integral support for a seat and a back of a country bench.

And this garden bench too is made of thick boards by the same principle.

And these basic LATERAL PANELS are executed at a small angle an inclination. And therefore at a bench it turned out a seat mat with an inclination deep into and slightly cast away back. It is very convenient to sit in such bench.

Also agree to make, cut such bench the hands very easily. Here the drawing is not obliged to be exact. Simply do on the soul. Choose an easy corner of a nakolon of bokovushka approximately.

As you understood boards with which you work, are not obliged imen the correct form. It fragments of an old obgryzeny board can do life – in which you cut out flat lines support for PRISLON SIDENIYA AND the BACK.

That the bench was not such low (if you wish) it is possible to make underfoot bars higher – to hammer together together at once some pieces of a bar – to put them at each other a turret and to fix from the inside a board (that all kept together) or without board simply on a nail.

And this beautiful white bench for giving is made by the same principle. Only already from exactly cut boards it is also painted.

In the panel board way rural benches become. 2 lateral boards (these are legs) – connect among themselves a long board (it is a pro-foot). The board can settle down in the lower part mezhdunozhya, or in the top part mezhdunozhya — at once under a seat board. One photo lower we see both of these ways of an arrangement of a pro-foot under a bench.