Scrap Wood Projects For Packing

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Now all preparations should be cut strictly according to the drawing. After that they need to be smoothed out a skin and to process an anti-septic tank. On plywood it is necessary to drill some air vents that under a mattress moisture did not accumulate.

Visually it is possible to see production process on video offered below.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult. All that is necessary for production of a two-story children's bed the hands, this big desire and is a little imagination.

For a children's bunk bed it is necessary to choose material from a pine or a fir-tree. It is eco-friendly, easy in processing. Of course, it is possible to take as a basis and a plate of a chipboard, but it will weigh times more and it is necessary to saw it in a special workshop. To make a bed it will be required to you:

Further it is necessary to make racks for a framework. For this purpose whetstones fasten beds equal to the general height with length among themselves in the form of a letter L. Track that all places of fastening were reliably connected among themselves.

So, all details of a bed are ready, it is possible to start assembly safely. It will consist of several very important stages: