Packing Boxes For Wood Pallets

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Many are attracted by wattled products from a rattan. It is possible to make uniform composition of it — a table and some benches — which will organically fit into the general design. Such furniture easy, convenient, but expensive, and in case of rainfall it should be carried away.

If and before it to cover space under a shop with a tile or other material, the design can be added with a table, chairs or to use for other purposes.

To make a garden bench the hands, it is necessary:

It is important that sitting settled down on a site in such places where fully will be functional and answering the purpose.

In order that the self-made bench pleased and did not cause problems, at production it is necessary to follow simple rules:

When shops are already made, places of their installation are defined, time came to dream up how still to decorate and add these corners of rest. For an embodiment of various imaginations it is possible to offer some ideas: