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One of the most necessary country attributes is the ordinary bench. On it it is pleasant to have a rest in summer heat and to take pleasure in an evening cool after day of work. It is pertinent both on a verandah, and in a lunch zone, an arbor or a garden, generally – a thing in economy irreplaceable.

If the Country style was chosen, the form of a shop has to be the simplest, and a color of brown color or natural.

If to construct a bench in style Provence, it is necessary to make an ancient bench then to paint it in white color or colors of a blue shade (blue, violet, blue).

It is necessary or have laths at small distance, or to use one continuous wide board.

The garden bench for giving has a number of functional missions, namely:

Experts confirm that fact what exactly begins with a bench garden design and it and comes to an end.

She became the great-great-grandfather of modern furniture, in particular wooden benches that are actual and demanded to this day. The bench can become a demanded element, both to the house, and in the applying territory of giving.

Often the bench is produced from wooden whetstones, laths or boards as they are simple in production, have the long term of operation.

The bench made of a tree – one of the oldest pieces of furniture that was used by the person.

Earlier to create a convenient shop was to take enough a usual wooden snag, carefully to square it a stone axe and it is ready.

At first sight it seems that the bench is not an important element of landscaping, however it absolutely not so.