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Having come to age, it came, efforts of the mournful archpriest, to seminary.

Then, certainly, deception opened, but Jonah managed to spend on drink already received money. Also explained that fools even in an altar are beaten.

— The fifth — objected informed in affairs family.

And that long was surprised that two things so similar exist, what even here a tsarapinka and that repeats, well all as like as two peas.

— Truly, the fifth — dogadchik agreed — it is necessary to be, the boy.

— Yes, on this very spot the bear suppressed the grand duke! — quite often Jonah repeated, raising a finger up.

Jonah really knew everything, even what absolutely nobody knew.

But also such reference did not confuse Jonah at all: he assured that the grand duke came purposely to hunt to us.

Well, I cannot warrant, did not see, however, time having sat up in the Passage, a tavern at us such loud, I witnessed as Jonah, having loaded, bragged of some column unusual, and thus patted and stroked myself.