Nightstands From A Single 2х4

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After details are cut, it is necessary to round off sharp edges of plywood — to make facets.

This convenient and practical children's bed is made of plywood. All 5 details are cut by an electrofret saw and mounted by self-tapping screws. Under a bed it is possible to place a children's lodge tent if you have a boy, or a room of the princess if you have a girl. Further we will consider step by step process of construction of a bed.

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In the same way we mount the second back. The scheme of a vvinchivaniye of self-tapping screws is similar — see the previous photo.

At first I will give drawings of details of a bed. All sizes in inches that to transfer them to centimeters multiply on 2,5. It will be required to cut out 5 details — two bokovushka, two backs and a bottom of a stove bench.

After all laths of fastening are fastened by self-tapping screws to bed details, we start installation. We put sidewalls and we fasten four self-tapping screws a bed bottom on perimeter — see arrows on a photo.

In addition it is necessary to cut out fastening laths from the plywood remains. The sizes of laths are given in inches, for transfer to centimeters multiply figures on 2,5.