Making Bedinge Chair No1 With A Lid

How to prep for living room

It is simplest to make mass-produced furniture which consists of four legs, a framework, a mattress and a headboard. The model is applied only for a dream of the kid. If to protect a berth on perimeter with walls with lattices, the classical bed for the newborn will turn out. Though for such category it is possible to use a cradle, an arena, a rocking chair, added options.

On the basis of the scheme the raw materials are marked under components. They are cut out, connected in a uniform design, processed special structures, painted, varnished, decorated. For descriptive reasons we will consider in detail main stages which are included by process on production of a classical crib.

Among non-standard designs it is possible to choose a bed lodge. This model will suit children is more senior than 3 years. There are all elements of a standard subject, and also a door and a window, a dvukhskatny roof. Decorative products will become decoration of any interior, will please each kid.

Having resolved to build independently a design, it is necessary to understand all nuances connected with its creation. Initially develop the drawing in which all components are displayed. Then get materials, necessary for work, prepare tools, in the absence of any of them, buy in addition it.

The standard bed consists of 4 legs, 2 backs, sidewalls, removable sides, a framework, lamels, a mattress. The last element from the list is got in finished form, other are made by the hands. Process looks as follows:

In the presence of free money it is possible to gain dense breeds of wood: massif of an oak, larch. It is the most durable material, products look richly, but rather difficult to process raw materials.