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I will sew pockets of 2570 cm. For this purpose we cut off a strip of fabric of 25140 cm and we put it in half.

We turn in 2 times the top part of details for pockets and prostrachivay on the machine. I will have two lower pockets on an elastic band. For them I cut off 2 elastic bands equal to organizer width (on 25 cm).

It was necessary only to issue edges of our organizer beautifully. For this purpose we cut off a strip 4 cm wide.

Everything at whom children go to kindergarten, this article will be interesting. That things in children's lockers always were on a place and are accurately put, the special organizer with various pockets is necessary. It can be hung up on a hook or on a locker door that is very convenient.

Also we sew it on edge, having turned in edges in inside from both parties.

As I will have an organizer with an embroidery of a name of the daughter, consider it when we sew a breast pocket. The embroidery can be made manually or on the embroidery machine, and also to cut out letters from felt. I made an embroidery on a separate cut of fabric as I think that will not be superfluous if the top part of an ogranayzer is more dense.

We insert an elastic band into an opening of podgib of two pockets and we fix an elastic band from both parties (I sewed at once).

We note places and we sew pockets. At first we sew the lower pocket from all 3kh the parties. Then average, having turned in bottom edge. At the edges of the lower part of pockets we do small assemblies, adjusting pocket width to width of the organizer (as shown in a photo below).

At me such organizer in a locker for the younger daughter turned out.

Average sizes of such organizers: width is 25-30 cm, length is 60-75 cm.

It is possible to condense a basis and to insert between layers one more layer from dense fabric (on a photo fabric of white color). We will sew pockets from fabric with drawing. For them we cut off 3-4 details, the size necessary to you. I have 3 pockets: the top will be divided into 2 small.

At these organizers changed a pattern a little: 6525 cm.