Making A Wooden Safe With Storage Drawers Easy

How to making a bed with led lighting $30 outdoor bench with this recipe

Besides plates it is possible to use other types of blocks.

Pallets are now really demanded in design of garden sites, and their scope of application is not limited only to one furniture

One more interesting option — use of old chairs. Here too the broad lands for the imagination open. The easiest way — to sort chairs, to take back legs which are structurally connected to backs.

The option of a design of a garden bench with use of concrete plates as the basis is widespread less, than wooden or metal samples. Nevertheless owners of such products note their decorative value and durability. For creation of similar designs it is necessary to have concrete hollow blocks of a certain size. The simplest option of a design gathers from rectangular plates like sidewalk or facing which drill and pull together with carving hairpins, placing between plates wooden boards. They carry out at once some functions — connect support among themselves and form a seat.

It is desirable to pick up thickness of plates so that gaps between boards were not too big as it creates discomfort for the sitting person. If suitable plates near at hand did not appear, it is possible to solve a problem laying of an additional flooring from the boards put horizontally. Such option will allow to receive a seat without gaps at all.