Making A Christmas Star With A Lid

Diy floating pallet bed frame with drawers

For more difficult option it is possible to put the log divided lengthways sloping part in the deepenings which are cut out in support. It is necessary to measure depth of flutes and width that the seat strongly sat in them. The support for a log is done of stones or concrete solution. Above surely spread a bowl where stack a seat.

Select a place under the bench executed from a log so that not to break unity of style of the territory.

Benches without nails can be sorted, transferred to other place. And in the winter they store in a shed that they were not damaged by a frost.

Without benches it is difficult to imagine a country site. But if the owner is not strong in carpenter's business, it is possible to build a bench from a log. There are many options, simple and difficult, such designs. What to choose, business of the summer resident.

Very interesting benches from a log. Were pleasant, to make it appeared easily. Did not think earlier that is independent, the hands so can turn out. It is necessary to puzzle the husband, let will please me with a convenient bench.

Often the table also enters compositions for rest. Having laid the processed logs with a diameter of 40-50 centimeters at each other, prepare a basis for a rest corner. In the middle stack the divided into halves logs on chocks. It will be a table. To a basis nail the long logs sawn lengthways from both parties of a table. On everything 2-3 logs of identical diameter 3-4 meters long will leave. It is not obligatory to nail benches with nails. In support do grooves and insert seats there.

For design of a garden it is important to place correctly a bench not to break style unity of a site.

For decoration of the territory it is better to think up more difficult designs. Here it will be necessary not only the imagination, but also ability to work with a tree.

For rest any can think up and make simple options of benches, the person who even is not understanding in joiner's business:

If the seat is made of a log, integral or halves, for backs it is possible to choose some options:

Difficult types of a bench design from a log, but using jewelry, adding the imagination.