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Not to spoil expensive material, it is recommended to perform all works according to in advance made drawings and calculations in advance.

Before making a case on a balcony, it is necessary to carry out some preparatory actions, treats them:

After preliminary stages it is necessary to prepare all elements for work.

If during finishing the balcony covering lining gets out, the same material can effectively be used for formation of an attractive case that guarantees receiving a complete and interesting interior. After a choice of an optimum design, it is necessary to start formation of drawings.

The case from lining on a balcony possessing the good durability, appeal and the necessary coloring is often created.

Often standard designs with two doors get out, and it is allowed to choose both sliding doors, and oar. Drawings are formed independently or it is possible to find suitable schemes in the Internet.

Originally it is necessary to be defined, from what material the case will be created. Materials get out for these purposes most often:

The above parameters are considered universal, but they can differ considerably as, collecting a design independently, the place on a balcony allocated for installation, and also its mission is considered.

Usually for a covering of a case the same material which is used for a covering of walls of the room as such decision is considered optimum for receiving complete and interesting finishing gets out.

Before a direct choice of a certain type of a design it is recommended to be defined, for which purposes the balcony case as its dimensions and features have to be suitable for the chosen mission will be used.