Make A Wooden Safe To Make Timber Mouldings

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If in the house there is a wooden varnished furniture and it should be refreshed, it is possible to use polish for a tree in an aerosol or liquid means. Structures with silicones give good effect in this case.

For finishing of children's furniture, ware it is more expedient to use drying oil or wax paste. She is trained from wax, turpentine (solvent) in the ratio 1:1. At first the main component is warmed in capacity on a water bath, and then add solvent to it. To achieve a uniform consistence, mix it is constantly necessary to stir slowly. The tampon from felt is suitable for work with wax. It is a safe type of polish for a tree which does not allocate harmful substances and it is absolutely harmless.

Process of polishing of a tree consists of several stages. That the surface after polishing ideally looked, it should be ground in the beginning, then to cover with a layer of earth and only after carefully to polish.

To polish a tree to a perfect condition the working operations made several times before achievement of necessary result are carried out.

In the market rather extensive range of the means intended for processing of wooden products is presented. It is possible to get structure already in finished form in any specialized outlet, at desire it can be made in house conditions on the basis of a varnish or wax.

Pay attention! Furniture wax for polishing is applied on a tree without varnish covering.

before giving of a surface of a smooth equal glossy state.

Prepare also polish from turpentine and beeswax, having taken them in equal quantities, and having mixed a warming up on a water bath. The furniture is given uniform motions a high polish, paying attention to all bends and back streets.