Make A Wooden Safe To Build

Woodworking tools for hall in india Jigsaw fence to keep your stuff in

As this product will stand on a floor, the cover is made acting, on the level of shutters. Instead of a socle there are four thrust bearings of 60/60 mm in size., from furniture plywood 10-12 mm thick.

Doors are collected on thorns in the form of a framework, from whetstones with a section of 60/20 mm. The sizes of each shutter — height are 920 mm., width is 400-398 mm.

Locker with a general height of 960 mm., 800 mm wide., 330 mm in depth.

There are more modern accessories for shelves, polkoderzhatel with clamps. They are similar to furniture couplers, but opened on the one hand.

After a glue skhvatyvaniye, a frame vyshkurivay and from a facade we pass a decorative profile on internal edges of a binding.

Shutters are collected on flat thorns, it is the most reliable way of connection of joiner's details. As option, use of a manual milling cutter and special mill for shutters.

The bottom at assembly is put between sidewalls, and a cover from above, aflush with the top end faces of sidewalls. From back part the table-top is put level with edges of sidewalls, and from a facade it turns out sves 24-25 mm.

Table-top, cover of a locker, 800/335 mm in size., thickness is 30 mm. The cover is made of a joiner's board, thickness is increased in order that the cover did not cave in under freight.

It is possible to make such locker the hands, using ready joiner's boards and planed whetstones. From tools the drill, a manual milling cutter, a tsirkulyarka or a fret saw, an emery cloth and a varnish is required.

The case is collected on furniture couplers, furniture corners, or shkant. That is it is desirable to make the closed connection. To use eureka and self-tapping screws not beautifully, hats should be closed caps and there will be not that look.

The locker — a small case, is hung on a wall, or used as an occasional seat for storage standing on a floor. The hinged locker is more often applied in kitchen as crockery, but there are also other options of a product.