Make A Wooden Box With Storage Drawers Easy

Cutting board for wood pallets Wood inlay for packing

We have a curbstone with drawers, in production it is slightly more difficult, than simple option with one door and a shelf in the middle.

It is an excellent occasion to make a curbstone the hands. Curbstones happen the different sizes on width, height and depth, color and material.

The most important at assembly of a bedside table not to leave the sticking-out bolts, it is necessary to do deepenings by a drill with a diameter of 9 mm that the self-tapping screw head on a tree was a little drowned inside and it was possible to stick with a pvc cap.

If to look narrowly, from each party the gap in 16 mm, for lateral racks of a curbstone is left.

Any project begins with calculations on a sheet of paper and the drawing of future product.

Step of the second: the iron to walk about a melamine edge, for further removal.

And so after all preparations at us were made, we need to zakromit end faces melamine or PVC an edge end faces of our details that will be visible looking at a collected product.

Usual width of a bedside curbstone makes 500 mm., the recommended depth of a curbstone of 300-350 mm., and height of a curbstone should be done on height of your berth.

Racks of a bedside table, they fasten to a decorative frame and a curbstone basis, all places under self-tapping screws is closed by special caps.

Why it is not necessary to kromit all perimeter of a detail, it is excess expenditure of material and your time, for example, at the shelf to kromitsya only one face as sides and back part are closed by curbstone case walls.

If you have already bedside curbstone, and you should update a bedside table the hands?

Step the third: removal of an edge happens by smoothing by the hot iron on edges, glue gets a liquid form and it is possible to make easily dismantle without having spoiled preparation.

Material, from which is done by bedside tables, happens different, but most often this tree or the wood-shaving saw (WSS). In our example we will consider assembly of a bedside table from LDSP of 16 mm.