Make A Wooden Box With Lid

How to make two chairs from wood Diy home library with this recipe

And here a case with doors with which it is accepted to equip sliding wardrobes in the room. Too not bad also it looks capacious. There is it also, at a blank lateral wall.

Here any recommendations from our party are senseless, as balconies at all different. Therefore, we give you a selection of a photo on which cases are located in different corners and foreshortenings.

On such case it is possible to put from above flowers or still something, the aquarium can even.

Not tree and error you will not correct it so that it it was not visible any more. Puttied a tree, painted and as though happened nothing. And here the excess hole remains for the rest of life. Here is how such cases in a balcony interior look.

If you have a loggia, then it is possible to place such case without any problems.

And here a case which was collected from ready elements of kitchen furniture. It very functional, but on a balcony it will be necessary to put one wall a brick in this case.

Here cases chests. On them and it is possible to sit also vegetables to store. Conveniently and does not take a place much.

Balcony space, usually, narrow and very limited. And what you would not choose an arrangement, will not always plow up wide open doors comfortably.

The Gipsokartonny basis is chosen when want to make such case which merges with color and the invoice of the main wall.

See that the useful area inside at such option has not enough.

It can be done in case a balcony form at you with a corner and differently to place a case does not leave in any way.

And, if you have such case, take better the thinnest, facing brick and build from it a case, then putty and paint.

The only thing, it is necessary to be very attentive at a stage of assembly here and to drill openings for accessories very attentively.

But also sliding system here often not option, as cases and so narrow.

The tree too, by the way, can be covered with special hard putty and to paint. And it will look, as if a usual wall.

The angular case on a balcony – is not functional for all 100%.

On this photo you can see that lockers go on all perimeter of the lower part of a balcony. Beautifully, but minus that they too small depth.