Make A Feature Wall Under 500

7 tips for woodworking projects Cutting board for the garden

Covering of a ready bench it is delicious with deep impregnation for protection of wood.

Varnish everything or paint and your shop is ready.

Place emphasis for a bench back. Also varnish a finished product.

Collect elements, fixing screws 6 on 70, 6 on 90 and screws 8 on 80 according to the scheme.

Cut whetstones with openings on the ends for fastenings. It will be legs of a table and shops. Extreme boards of a table-top can be made wavy for a decor.

Carefully grind a product. Take the screw gun and fasten four strong legs. For durability they can also be connected additional boards.

Process wood, grinding a back and seats. It is desirable for all end faces to give the roundish form.

Use the prepared additional boards as a framework and nail up a back and sitting.

Paint ready elements. After drying fix hinges on mobile parts.

For increase in durability connect elements additional plates on each side.

Do or buy shanks with a diameter of 2,2 cm. Prepare the same openings in table-tops on depth of 3 cm.