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Top 100 arch designs for bedrooms

The built-in cases can have some options for installation.

It is possible to use metal system of fastening with arms.

If the balcony is trimmed by lining, and the door can be made under a general view.

On a photo the framework for a small low locker is presented.

Beautiful options of registration of systems of storage always inspire. Interesting options of the ready cases adapted for the different sizes of balconies are given below.

Watch video how to make the built-in system of storage with doors — a compartment.

The case oar case with boxes is more functional. Here three zones: mezzanine, middle part and the sliding lower.

On a photo fastening of shelves on arms to a wall is shown.

The scheme of external and internal filling of a case with sizes.

Beautiful balcony with system of a compartment in furniture for storage.

If it turns out to remove also walls, it can it will turn out quite capacious.

Moving arms on height, it is possible to regulate an arrangement of shelves, than functionality of a case increases.

On a photo are made low furniture under a window and angular office sideways.

For this purpose we do a framework and we sheathe it material.

Type of a ready case with the drawing and variations of filling.

The low zone does not lose the functionality, but does not shade a window opening.

Two-level option of the built-in furniture. The lower part is pushed for convenience and spaciousness forward.

Angular cases are suitable for narrow or non-standard balconies (loggias). A basis are regiments which need to be measured accurately under the corner sizes.

The light and accurate built-in case with the doors made of plastic.

Sometimes expediently at a window to make shelves. Functionality and amount of the passed light does not fall.