Lift Top Coffee Table With A Sliding Lid

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Saplings of trees and bushes. Garden and architectural forms. Specifications

Such division is very conditional therefore some elements in a concrete bench it can not appear, or on the contrary, some elements can make integral part. For example, the bench made like a bench has no back and hand-rail, and at the bench which is cut out from an integral piece of a trunk or a huge stub a seat, the support and a back make a single whole. Nevertheless, the division into parts described above helps to imagine better future bench and to solve what it has to be.

Wooden bench – the integral element of many gardens and parks intended for rest. Garden benches differ in a form and the size, design and comfort. Any uniform concept of a garden bench does not exist, after all everyone does such bench which is pleasant to it more. In this article we will tell about different types of garden benches, and also we will tell how to do them.

Glue connection is the half-lap most difficult, but also is the most effective. Therefore we recommend to use this method only that who well is familiar with it. If you are not familiar with this method, within one article it is impossible to train in it. Therefore we will describe only the general sequence of actions. Simple connection is half-lap difficult almost in the same measure, as glue, a difference only in smaller insistence to a condition of the surfaces pressed to each other.